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Offender reintegration

Best Practices for Increasing Access to SSI/SSDI upon Exiting Criminal Justice Settings

This report explains how SSI and SSDI programs can provide income and other benefits to just released persons with mental illness.

Guidelines for the Successful Transition of People with Behavioral Health Disorders from Jail and Prison

This report explains the Behavioral Health Framework--a coordinated approach to reducing recidivism and advancing recovery.

The Federal Bonding Program: A US Department of Labor Initiative

This website explains the use of a FBP bond as a job placement tool by guaranteeing to the employer the job honesty of at-risk job seekers.

An Innovative Program Model for Mental Health Clinic Services for Correctional Reentry Populations: The Fortune Society’s Better Living Center

This article describes the program’s development, implementation, funding, four critical keys to success, and future directions.

Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies: Reducing Recidivism and Promoting Job Readiness

This paper presents a tool that draws on evidence-based criminal justice practices and strategies for connecting hard-to-employ people to work.

Reentry Council Snapshots and Additional Resources

This website provides Snapshots that discuss issues central to offender reentry, such as employment, housing, females, veterans, and juveniles.

Criminal Records in the Digital Age: A Review of Current Practices and Recommendations for Reform in Texas

This report explains how access to criminal records can damage efforts for successful reentry and provides suggestions on how to solve this challenge.

“Cuff Key to Door Key: A Systems Approach to Reentry: NIC’s Inaugural Virtual Conference

This workshop covers the underlying foundations of cognitive behavioral training, including cognitive restructuring and cognitive skills.

Lessons Learned: Planning and Assessing a Law Enforcement Reentry Strategy

This report describes how four learning sites utilized the principles of the Planning and Assessing a Law Enforcement Reentry Strategy.

A Reentry Education Model: Supporting Education and Career Advancement for Low-Skill Individuals In Corrections

This report describes the development of a correctional education reentry model illustrating an education continuum.


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