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Offender reintegration

Process and Systems Change Evaluation Findings from the Transition to Jail Community Initiative

This report describes the TJC initiative, discusses the implementation experiences, and presents findings from the systems change evaluation.

The Role of Screening and Assessment in Jail Reentry

This brief presents the two-stage screening and assessment process to determine risk and needs levels that are a core element of the TJC model.

Case Management Strategies for Successful Jail Reentry

This brief explains why “it is imperative that jurisdictions use an effective case management process that includes a strong community handoff component, particularly at the moment of release, and that ensures continuity of care between in-jail and community-based programs and services.

Outcome Evaluation of the Women Offender Case Management Model in Connecticut Probation

The outcome evaluation [for the Women Offender Case Management Model (WOCMM) implemented in Connecticut probation] focuses on determining whether participation in the project reduces future involvement in the criminal justice system as measured by recidivism over a fixed length follow-up period.

The Greening of Corrections: Creating a Sustainable System

This publication provides correctional professionals with a framework to gain a general understanding of sustainability practices and principles.

TPC Case Management Handbook: An Integrated Case Management Approach

This handbook supports an overall strategy to reduce recidivism and enhance community safety through successful offender reentry.

Women and Reentry: Foundations for Success

This brief covers the need to better identify effective strategies to help women overcome challenges as they transition to their communities.

Career Resource Centers: An Emerging Strategy for Improving Offender Employment Outcomes

This bulletin highlights the ways career resource centers are being used to improve the long-term employment prospects of offenders.

Transition from Jail to Community Online Learning Toolkit

This online learning resource describes an essential ingredient in programs that help offenders reenter the community upon their release from jail.

A Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems

This report is essential reading for individuals wanting to achieve measurable reductions of pretrial misconduct and post-conviction reoffending.


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