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Offender reintegration

Rising to the Challenge of Applying Evidence-Based Practices Across the Spectrum of a State Parole System

The use of evidence-based practices to improve discretionary parole system is explained.

Topics in Community Corrections, Annual Issue 2007: Promising Strategies in Transition from Prison

This issue of NIC's Topics in Community Corrections focuses on the transition from prison to the community.

Working Together to Improve Reentry: Bridging Budgets and Programs, Public and Private, Prison and the Community

Some of the improvements made to Oregon's offender reentry transition process are highlighted.

Do No Harm: A Briefing Paper on the Reentry of Gang-Affiliated Individuals in New Jersey

Strategies for reintegrating gang-affiliated offenders into New Jersey communities are explained.

Transition from Prison to the Community [Videoconference Held February 12, 2003]

This 3-hour program provides Information regarding NIC's transition initiative and model which assists parolees, probationers, and the released.

Critical Elements of Re-Entry/Continuing Care Systems [Participant's Manual]

This manual explains how to use a three-phase process to plan, create, and evaluate reentry/continuing care systems.

Women Offender Case Management Model

The gender-responsive Women Offender Case Management Model (WOCMM) is described.

Community Supervision: Using a Strength-Based, Family-Focused Approach [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held March 16, 2005]

This program identifies the strengths and resources inherent in the family as a fundamental support system for recently released inmates.

Releasing Inmates from Prisons: Profiles of State Practices

This report provides a profile of each state's corrections systems and the agencies and processes involved.


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