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Getting It Right: Realigning Juvenile Corrections in Ohio to Reinvest in What Works

This brief documents the strategies, events and conditions that created a major shift in how Ohio's youth in the juvenile justice system are treated.

Bring Youth Home: Building on Ohio's Deincarceration Leadership

This report explores Ohio’s evolution of deincarceration programs and discusses decision points that other states and localities should consider.

The Effect of Solitary Confinement on Institutional Misconduct: A Longitudinal Evaluation

This dissertation examines whether solitary confinement and time spent in solitary confinement impacts institutional conduct upon release from solitary confinement.

The Impact of Family Visitation on Incarcerated Youth's Behavior and School Performance: Findings from the Families as Partners Project

This framework looks at how the lived experience of punishment differs from the punishment conceived by lawmaker.

Lessons Learned through The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati's Substance Use Disorder and Severe Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System Initiative

The aim of this report is to present the findings of an evaluation of an initiative to improve the outcomes of justice-involved individuals with severe mental illnesses in the Greater Cincinnati area.

State-Local Partnership in Ohio Cuts Juvenile Recidivism, Costs

This article describes RECLAIM Ohio, a partnership between local and state agencies that reduces costs associated with justice-involved juveniles.

The Bridge to Somewhere: How Research Made its Way into Legislative Juvenile Justice Reform in Ohio: A Case Study|Revised [edition]

The instrumental use of evidence-based research for influencing the passage of reform efforts affecting the juvenile justice system in Ohio is explained.

Correctional Institution Inspection Committee: Security Threat Groups

Issues related to security threat groups (STGs) in Ohio prisons are covered.

Coming Home from Prison: Family Matters

<p>This website provides access to keynote remarks, comments, Q and A, presentations, and handouts from a seminar on the impact of families on community reentry.</p>

Systemic Criminal Justice Planning: Improving Responses to Women Offenders in Hamilton County, Ohio

This report reviews the use of systemic criminal justice planning to improve services and programming for women offenders.

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