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Organizational development

The Corrections Learning Organization

This NIC White Paper explains how you can make your agency into a learning organization by utilizing the work of Peter Senge and following the example of the Blue Angels.

Forty Forward: Learning and Performance Symposium 2014 Participant's Manual and Proceedings

This material is from the Learning and Performance Symposium which focused on learning and performance practices based on established research.

Can Corrections Heal? Reducing Recidivism and Increasing Public Safety in Virginia

This article explains the VADOC push towards a holistic culture change and a new corrections paradigm.

APEX Change Team Training: Facilitators Manual [and] Participant Manual [Lesson Plans and Participant Manual]

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and People in Charge LLC are pleased to present the Achieving Performance Excellence (APEX) Change Team Training Curriculum – part of the APEX Initiative.

Learning and Performance: Realigning Training to Achieve Agency Goals [Internet Broadcast]

This broadcast is will help realign agency training to outcomes so agencies can become learning organizations.

APEX Resources Directory Vol. 1: Change Management and the APEX Domains

This directory is designed to complement the APEX series and provides resources, tools, and interventions to support correctional agencies.

Applying the APEX Tools for Organizational Assessment

This book presents three organizational assessment tools developed specifically for the field of corrections.

Achieving Performance Excellence: The Influence of Leadership on Organizational Performance

This book describes what leaders need to excel at and what new leaders need to know in preparing for new positions.

APEX Resources Directory Vol. 2: Communications, Focus Groups, and Development

APEX Resources Directory Volume 2 provides supportive information to correctional agencies embarking on the APEX journey.

Culture and Change Management: Using APEX to Facilitate Organizational Change

This book helps illuminate the role culture plays in an organization that is striving for higher performance.


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