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  • Preventing Jail Crowding: A Practical Guide

    An explanation on how to use the jail population analysis formula is offered.
  • Alleviating Jail Crowding: A Systemic Approach [Videoconference Held April 18, 2001]

    Since jail crowding is often called the most pressing problem facing criminal justice systems in the U.S., this 3-hour videoconference aims to help
  • Jail Crowding: Understanding Jail Population Dynamics

    Steps involved in developing an understanding of jail population dynamics and factors behind jail crowding are delineated.
  • Guidelines for Developing a Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

    This guide is currently being to revised through a cooperative with National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA).
  • Jail Capacity Planning Guide: A Systems Approach

    “This guide helps readers better understand the variables applied in jail capacity forecasting, provides more detail about the development of the j
  • A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Electronic Monitoring

    Agencies using or looking into utilizing home detention will find this report interesting.
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