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Parole supervision

  • Effective Supervision of Adult Sex Offenders in the Community [Videoconference held February 9, 2000]

    The goal of this videoconference is to enhance the ability of probation and parole agency staff (line officers, supervisors, and policymakers/admin
  • Female Offenders in the Community [Videoconference Held July 18, 2001]

    This video examines the needs, strengths, weaknesses, and risks associated with female offenders. Topics discussed include:
  • The Role of Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation in Evidence-Based “Real World” Community Supervision

    The use of Strategy in Training Initiative in Community Supervision (STICS), a comprehensive model for community supervision, is discussed.
  • Effective Responses to Offender Behavior: Lessons Learned from Probation and Parole Supervision

    “Using effective strategies to keep probationers and parolees crime- and drug-free and curb their revocation rates is among the most important issu
  • Max Out: The Rise in Prison Inmates Released Without Supervision

    "Despite growing evidence and a broad consensus that the period immediately following release from prison is critical for preventing recidivism, a
  • Mandatory Reentry Supervision: Evaluating the Kentucky Experience

    This brief examines the impact a mandatory reentry supervision program has on spending and public safety.
  • Behavior Management of Justice-Involved Individuals: Contemporary Research and State-of-the-Art Policy and Practice

    "All justice-involved individuals who are under community supervision are expected to abide by a set of conditions.
  • Addressing Responsivity Issues with Criminal Justice-Involved Native Americans

    Anyone working with Native American offenders should read this article.
  • Nebraska's Justice Reinvestment Approach: Reduce Prison Overcrowding and Expanding Probation and Parole Supervision

    "Faced with a prison system at 159 percent of capacity and expected to grow to 170 percent of capacity by FY2020, state leaders in Nebraska pursued
  • The Changing Relationship Between Ex-Criminals and Their Parole Officers

    "Oftentimes, parole and probation officers are the only positive role models offenders have.
  • Community Supervision in a Digital World

    The changing nature of crime, along with an increase in digital literacy among the general population, has resulted in a greater number of tech-sav