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Reducing Recidivism in Massachusetts with a Comprehensive Strategy

This policy brief provides information for Justice Reinvestment leaders to propose changes to increase focus on recidivism reduction and results.

Successful Parole and Probation Practices

This program interviewed four directors of state parole and probation agencies about successful case completions and protecting public safety.

CCCN LIVE National Forum Discussion [Webinar]

These highlights cover federal resources available to community corrections and criminal justice agencies

Correctional Populations In The United States, 2014

This report presents statistics on persons supervised by adult correctional systems in the United States in 2014, for state or federal prison or jail.

Probation And Parole In The United States, 2014

This report presents data on adult offenders under community supervision while on probation or parole in 2014 and trends from 2000 to 2014.

Access to Transportation and Outcomes for Women on Probation and Parole

This study focuses attention on a previously understudied topic – transportation deprivation in women offenders under probation or parole.

Secondary Trauma: The Personal Impact of Working with Criminal Offenders

This is article covers how and why community corrections officers experience traumatic stress on the job and related efforts to address this problem.

Addressing Responsivity Issues with Criminal Justice-Involved Native Americans

This article explains how the responsivity issues of Native American (NA) individuals can be effectively addressed.

Reducing Incarceration for Technical Violations in Louisiana: Evaluation of Revocation Cap Shows Cost Savings, Less Crime

This report shows how limiting the incarceration time of first-time probation or parole violators to 90 days is more effective and cheaper.

Mandatory Reentry Supervision: Evaluating the Kentucky Experience

This brief examines the impact a mandatory reentry supervision program has on spending and public safety.


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