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Building Brighter Futures: Tools for Improving Academic and Career/Technical Education in the Juvenile Justice System: A Pennsylvania Example

This publication examines one initiative showing success in combating the problem of juvenile justice students struggling in school or dropping out.

From Recidivism to Recovery: The Case for Peer Support in Texas Correctional Facilities

This paper explores the use of mental health peer support services for inmates with mental illness during the re-entry process.               

Young Women of Color with Criminal Records: A Barrier to Economic Stability for Low-Income Families and Communities

This publication presents data showing the degree to which minority women are impacted by their past criminal records.

Volunteers and Interns in the Department of Corrections

Procedures for permitting “volunteers and public visitors to provide a number of direct services to inmates, as well as serving as a link between the Department and the community” are explained.

The Choice is Yours: Early Implementation of a Diversion Program for Felony Offenders

The development and testing of The Choice is Yours (TCY); an alternative-to-incarceration program for first-time, nonviolent felony drug dealers facing one to two-year minimum mandatory state prison sentences.

York County Adult Probation Veterans Treatment Court

This is a great website offering a lot of documents that may be helpful in setting up your own Veteran Treatment Court.

Stories of Transition: Men and Women in the Allegheny County Jail Collaborative’s Reentry Program

This document is for people who want to understand what the experience of reentry is like for those who are transitioning from jail.

Predicting Recidivism Risk: New Tool in Philadelphia Shows Great Promise

This article explains how your jurisdiction can use a random forest risk-forecasting tool.

Pennsylvania and MacArthur’s Models for Change: The Story of a Successful Public-Private Partnership

This report explains how a private foundation identified and collaborated with a key state agency to improve Pennsylvania's juvenile justice system.

Inmate Behavior Management: Northampton County Jail Case Study

This report explains how the Northampton County Jail in Pennsylvania implemented Inmate Behavior Management. 


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