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Principles of Effective Juvenile Justice Policy (2017)

The issues addressed by the work group reflect the important role of state legislatures in enacting policies that avoid unnecessary involvement of youth in the justice system and support evidence-based interventions that reduce recidivism and protect public safety.

LGBT Youth in Juvenile Justice: Creating Agency Policies for an Equitable System Webinar

This webinar discusses the need for agency policies to support LGBT young people in the juvenile justice system. Example policies are included.

Transgender and Other Gender Non-Conforming Employee Policy

This policy regards support for transgender and other gender non-conforming staff, and in particular the transitioning of transgender personnel.

A Quick Guide for LGBTI Policy Development for Youth Confinement Facilities

This Quick Guide will help agencies and facilities develop a comprehensive response to working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) youth. 

Staff Sexual Misconduct with Inmates: Policy Development Guide for Sheriffs and Jail Administrators

Tools to assess an organization and implement strategies to prevent staff sexual misconduct in a jail setting are provided.

Correctional Health Care: Guidelines for the Management of an Adequate Delivery System

A comprehensive reference that provides guidance in the provision of health services to inmates is presented.

Policy and Procedures Development

This publication presents guidelines for the creation of mission statements, policies, and procedures.

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