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Pretrial diversion

  • Legal and Evidence Based Practices: Application of Legal Principles, Laws, and Research to the Field of Pretrial Services

    "[C]ritical legal principles applicable to defendants during the pretrial stage" are covered (p.3).
  • Promising Practices in Pretrial Diversion

    'The goal of this monograph is to inform criminal justice practitioners and state and local policy makers of: Promising and emerging practices in t
  • Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration for People with Mental Health Needs in the Criminal Justice System: The Cost-Savings Implications

    “The disproportionate number of people with behavioral health disorders involved in the criminal justice system puts a tremendous strain on scarce
  • The Delivery of Pretrial Justice in Rural Areas: A Guide for Rural County Officials

    “This is a guide for elected officials seeking to enhance existing or develop new pretrial justice practices in rural areas.
  • No Entry: A National Survey of Criminal Justice Diversion Programs and Initiatives

    This is a great resource for those looking for information regarding various strategies for and the effectiveness of various criminal justice diver
  • Accreditation Standards for Pretrial Agencies Standards Manual Version 1.0.10

    This is a great example of standards governing the accreditation of pretrial agencies.
  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Pretrial System: A "Front Door" to Health and Safety

    "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides an historic opportunity for millions of low-income individuals to obtain insurance c
  • Community Corrections Collaborative Network: Safe and Smart Ways to Solve America's Correctional Challenges

    The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) Community Corrections Collaborative Network (CCCN)-a network representing community corrections profess
  • Pretrial Justice: The Colorado Story

    "Over the last few years, Colorado has been working on statewide pretrial justice reform and seen incredible advancements in legislation, policy, a
  • Assessing Pretrial Risk without a Defendant Interview

    "Although the use of pretrial risk assessments has increased in recent years, the proportion of jurisdictions employing these instruments remains l
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