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Pretrial diversion

A Framework for Pretrial Justice: Essential Elements of an Effective Pretrial System and Agency

This document informs the discussion on bail reform and pretrial justice of an effective pretrial system.

Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses at the Pretrial Stage: Essential Elements

This report introduces essential elements for responding to people with mental illnesses at pretrial, including decisions for pretrial release.

Promising Practices in Pretrial Diversion

This monograph reviews promising and emerging practices, major issues and findings, and challenges and opportunities in pretrial diversion.

CCCN LIVE National Forum Discussion [Webinar]

These highlights cover federal resources available to community corrections and criminal justice agencies

Municipal Courts: An Effective Tool for Diverting People with Mental and Substance Use Disorders from the Criminal Justice System

This article explains how offenders with mental illness or substance abuse disorders making their first municipal court appearance can be diverted.

Creating an Effective Pretrial Program: A Toolkit for Practitioners

This toolkit offers guidance to county officials on how to develop and operate effective pretrial policies and practices.

The Costs of Pretrial Justice

This series of briefs from CJI explore the cost of pretrial and how to apply cost-benefit analysis to pretrial decision making.

Measuring for Results: Outcome and Performance Measures for Pretrial Diversion Field

This publication outlines suggested outcome and performance measures and critical operational data for pretrial diversion programs.

Pretrial Services: An Effective Alternative to Monetary Bail

This publication examines the challenges of relying on a monetary bail system and highlights existing solutions, such as pretrial services.

Assessing Pretrial Risk without a Defendant Interview

This assessment looks at an effective non-interview-based risk assessment, the Kentucky Pretrial Risk Assessment (KPRA).


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