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Pretrial release

CCCN LIVE National Forum Discussion [Webinar]

These highlights cover federal resources available to community corrections and criminal justice agencies

Money as a Criminal Justice Stakeholder: The Judge’s Decision to Release or Detain a Defendant Pretrial

<p>This paper is shows a somewhat ideal process for making a release or detain decision, realizing that state bail laws may hinder that process.</p>

Fundamentals of Bail: A Resource Guide for Pretrial Practitioners and a Framework for American Pretrial Reform

This document provides both background information on bail and also provides an intellectual framework for achieving pretrial justice in America.

Pretrial Assistance to California Counties: (PACC): Humboldt County Technical Assistance Report

This article discusses ways that Corrections Fatigue can impact the well-being of mental health professionals who work in jail and prison setting.

Creating an Effective Pretrial Program: A Toolkit for Practitioners

This toolkit offers guidance to county officials on how to develop and operate effective pretrial policies and practices.

Exploring the Impact of Supervision on Pretrial Outcomes

This study investigates the effect of pretrial supervision on failure to appear (FTA) and new criminal activity (NCA) before case disposition.

The Costs of Pretrial Justice

This series of briefs from CJI explore the cost of pretrial and how to apply cost-benefit analysis to pretrial decision making.

County Jails at a Crossroads: An Examination of the Jail Population and Pretrial Release

The report identifies the pretrial status and risk level of the county jail population and variations across counties of different population sizes.

Trends in Pretrial Release: State Legislation

This document provides an overview of legislative enactments regarding pretrial release policy.

State Pretrial Release Legislation Database

This website provides pretrial legislation enacted by states starting in 2012.


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