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Defining and Measuring Correctional Performance Final Report

This report describes our work to date, identifies the performance indicators developed by the subcommittee, summarizes a preliminary assessment of state correctional agencies’ capacity to participate, and outlines the next steps for continued development of a national performance measurement system.

Performance-Based Measures System Resource Manual

This manual provides the user all the tools necessary to use PBMS.

Performance-Based Measures System Counting Rules: Revised Key Indicators and Characteristics

This document provides correctional facilities definitions and the rules for maintaining statistics for their institutions.

Barracks Behind Bars II: In Veteran-Specific Housing Units, Veterans Help Veterans Help Themselves

This paper is the fourth in the National Institute of Corrections justice-involved veteran compendium project.

People in Prison 2017

This report from the Vera Institute of Justice provides information collected directly from states and the federal Bureau of Prisons to estimate the number of people in prison at the end of 2017.

National Institute of Corrections Drug-Free Prison Zone Project: Evaluation Component for Each of Eight State Sites: Final Report

Results from projects implementing new strategies for drug interdiction within an institutional setting are presented. This compilation includes findings from final evaluation reports provided by Maryland, California, Kansas, New York, and Florida.

Evidence-Based Practice: Principles for Enhancing Correctional Results in Prisons

This paper will provide prison staff with information to enhance their mananagement of female prisons.

Prison Inmates' Prerelease Application for Medicaid: Take-up Rates in Oregon

This report examines whether enrollment in Medicaid prior to release from prison succeeds in generating health insurance coverage after release.

U.S. Prison Population Trends 1999-2014: Broad Variation Among States in Recent Years

A comparative analysis of U.S. Prison Population Trends 1999-2014 reveals broad variation in nationwide incarceration trends across states.      

Prisons and Disasters

This study seeks to understand why prisons can be unprepared for emergencies and identifies policy recommendations and corrective actions.


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