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Prison training

  • Volunteer Orientation for Frequent and Regular Volunteers: Trainer's Guide

    Designed to provide volunteers with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful within the institution, this training curriculum covers var
  • Prison Health Care: Youthful Offenders Sentenced as Adults [Lesson Plans]

    Information and resources that address the unique challenges of providing health services to youthful offenders are provided through this 20-hour t
  • Correctional Religious Programs [Participant's Manual]

    Religious programming issues are discussed.
  • Emergency Preparedness Assessment Resource Supplements

    Supplemental resources for the training program "Emergency Preparedness Assessment" (NIC accession no. 006995) are presented.
  • Meeting the Challenge in Correctional Mental Health Care: The Prison Experience [Videoconference Held June 19, 2002]

    Information regarding cooperation between correctional agencies and mental health authorities to ensure continuity of care and adequate treatment f
  • Developing "Coaches" for New Wardens [Participant's Manual]

    Training and practical experience in the techniques and skills of Co-Active coaching as the foundation of a leadership culture are provided during
  • Comprehensive Objective Prison Classification [Participant's Manual]

    The development of both external and internal prison classification procedures are covered during this 36-hour program.
  • Institutional Culture [Videoconference Held July 23, 2003]

    This training program helps participants identify the factors that shape an institution's culture and offers ways to attempt to change that culture
  • Classification of High-Risk Offenders [Videoconference Held September 1, 2004]

    Prison systems experience continued pressure to house offenders in the most appropriate setting possible.
  • Transition from Prison to Community: Making It Work [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

    Public safety is everyone's business. This year, 600,000 offenders will leave prison and return to our communities.
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