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Effective Strategies for Preventing Recidivism Among Juveniles (2015)

McMasters, Amanda

“This paper will discuss recidivism among juveniles, primarily aged 12-18 years old, and evaluate which methods best prevent recidivism.”

Mentoring Best Practices Research: Effectiveness of Juvenile Mentoring Programs on Recidivism: Final Report (2017)

Duriez, Stephanie A., Carrie Sullivan, Christopher J. Sullivan, Sarah M. Manchak, and Edward J. Latessa

University of Cincinnati School of Criminal Justice Center for Criminal Justice Research (Cincinnati, OH)

Dos and Don’ts for Reducing Recidivism Among Young Adults in the Justice System (2017)

Council of State Governments Justice Center (New York, NY)

Factors Related to Recidivism for Youthful Offenders (2013)

Mallett, Christopher A., Miyuki Fukushima, Patricia Stoddard-Dare, and Linda Quinn

Mentoring as a Component of Reentry: Practical Considerations from the Field (2017)

The impact of mentoring for adults returning to their community from incarceration involves collaborating with correctional facilities, thoughtfully selecting and matching mentors and participants, and effectively concluding the mentoring relationship. 

Correctional Industries Programs for Adult Offenders in Prison: Estimates of Benefits and Costs

Results of a cost-benefit analysis of correctional industries programs are provided.

Evidence-Based Practice to Reduce Recidivism: Implications for State Judiciaries

The reduction of recidivism by state judiciaries utilizing six principles of evidence-based practice (EBP) is explained.

Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Community Corrections: The Principles of Effective Intervention

This report describes what the principles of effective evidence-based intervention are.


Correctional Industries Preparing Inmates for Re-Entry: Recidivism & Post-Release. Final report

This report summarizes the first national review of the recidivism and post-release effects of the Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) engaging state prison inmates in private sector jobs since 1979.


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