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  • A Review of the Emotional Intelligence Literature and Implications for Corrections

    Literature regarding emotional intelligence (E.I.) is reviewed. Sections following an executive summary are: introduction; E.I.
  • A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Treatment for Sexual Offenders: Risk, Need, and Responsivity

    This report examines "whether the principles associated with effective treatments for general offenders (Risk-Need-Responsivity: RNR) also apply to
  • The Strategic Training Initiative in Community Supervision: Risk-Need-Responsivity in the Real World

    The application of the risk-need-responsivity (RNR) model of offender rehabilitation to one-on-one supervision of offenders placed under probation
  • Intimate Partner Violence Risk Assessment Tools: A Review

    “The purpose of this report is to provide an understanding of intimate partner violence risk assessment tools and of the issues that assessors shou
  • Women's Risk Factors and New Treatments/Interventions for Addressing Them: Evidence-Based Interventions in the United States and Canada

    This paper describes assessments of female offenders used by correctional agencies and the programs and resources provided by these agencies to mee
  • Condom Distribution in U.S. Correctional Facilities and Canada

    This is an excellent document that provides information about how correctional facilities provide condoms within their walls.
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