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  • Critical Elements of Re-Entry/Continuing Care Systems [Participant's Manual]

    "Using a three-phase process [during this 36-hour course] to plan, create, and evaluate reentry/continuing care systems, participant teams plan way
  • Correctional Industries Preparing Inmates for Re-Entry: Recidivism & Post-Release. Final report

    This report summarizes the first national review of the recidivism and post-release effects of the Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Prog
  • Women Offender Case Management Model

    The gender-responsive Women Offender Case Management Model (WOCMM) is described.
  • TPC Reentry Handbook: Implementing the NIC Transition from Prison to the Community Model

    “The TPC Reentry Handbook has been developed as a resource for a broad range of stakeholders involved in improving transition and reentry practices
  • Topics in Community Corrections, Annual Issue 2007: Promising Strategies in Transition from Prison

    Issue contents are: “Foreword” by Kermit Humphries; “An Overview of NIC’s Transition from Prison to the Community Initiative” by Peggy B.
  • An Overview of NIC's Transition from Prison to the Community Initiative

    The Transition from Prison to the Community (TPC) Initiative, launched by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is described.
  • Rising to the Challenge of Applying Evidence-Based Practices Across the Spectrum of a State Parole System

    The use of evidence-based practices to improve discretionary parole system is explained.
  • Collaboration and Partnership in the Community: Advancing the Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative

    "This article examines five key attributes of partnership and collaboration deemed essential as the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) devel
  • Providing Tools for Risk Reduction Case Management in Parole and Community Corrections

    The Kansas Offender Risk Reduction & Reentry Plan (KOR3P) is described.
  • Working Together to Improve Reentry: Bridging Budgets and Programs, Public and Private, Prison and the Community

    Some of the improvements made to Oregon's offender reentry transition process are highlighted.
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