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Religion in corrections

Intensive Vipassana Meditation Practice: An Intervention with Promise for Traumatized Prisoners

Here we present an approach that, although new to prison-based trauma intervention, is over 2,000 years old: an intensive, 10-day Vipassana meditation course which has been conducted inside a maximum-security prison since 2002.

Religion in Corrections – National Institute of Corrections

This program addresses religious programming and how to meet the safety and security needs while ensuring inmates’ First Amendment rights.

The Sociology of Humanist, Spiritual, and Religious Practice in Prison: Supporting Responsivity and Desistance from Crime

This paper presents evidence for why Corrections should take the humanist, spiritual, and religious [H/S/R] self-identities of people in prison seriously, and do all it can to foster and support those self-identities, or ways of establishing meaning in life.

Religion in Corrections: Offenders' Rights, Your Responsibility [Internet Broadcast]

This webcast addresses the conflict of “myth versus reality” regarding the role of the chaplain/religious director in corrections.

American Correctional Chaplains Association

This website provides a lot of great information about prison and jail chaplains.

Estimating the Benefits of a Faith-Based Correctional Program

This study estimates a faith-based prisoner reentry program’s benefits by examining recidivism and post-release employment.

Legal Issues in Jails 2013

Legal issues that impact jails are covered.

A Model for Social Justice: Collaboration Between Faith-Based and Community Organizations and Corrections: Highlights

Highlights are provided of advice given by individuals from correctional agencies and faith-based and community organizations on how to create successful partnerships.

Islam's Place and Practice of Worship in the Correctional Environment

This presentation provides an introductory overview to the masjid (prayer hall or mosque) and the religious worship of Islam and guidance for accommodating Muslim belief and practices in correctional facilities.

Correctional Religious Programs [Participant's Manual]

This publication discusses religious programming issues, such as the practice of religion in corrections today and the role of the chaplain.


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