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Requests for proposals

Collaboration between faith-based organizations, community organizations, and corrections has proven to be a cost-effective way to meet agency needs and bring much needed services to offenders. This unique partnership also helps to promote social justice, reduce recidivism, and increase public safety. This 3-hour program examines the myths, realities, boundaries, and benefits of this collaboration while providing information to help correctional leaders achieve new and more successful re-entry initiatives by creating service partnerships between faith-based and community organizations and corrections. Discussion topics include: leveraging money through partnerships; dispelling the myths surrounding a partnership between faith-based and community organizations and corrections; creating a solution-based partnership that helps to improves lives and fosters community safety; navigating the request for proposal (RFP) process and associated legal terms; and developing a “4th hour” action plan to integrate and expand upon the information presented.

A Model for Social Justice: Collaboration Between Faith-Based and Community Organizations and Corrections Cover

In this compilation of three documents, critical elements to include in a needs assessment and planning services RFP and an architectural planning and design RFP or RFQ (Request for Qualifications) are identified. Issuing a separate RFP for needs assessment and facility planning services instead of combining this RFP with an RFP for architectural services is because "functional programming dictates facility design" (p. 2). Each document contains an overview of RFP content, checklist questions, and a sample.

Facility Development: Needs Assessment & Pre-Design Planning RFP Checklist Cover

Covering the calendar year 2005, this third annual report to Congress summarizes the activities of the Office of Justice Programs (i.e., the National Institute of Justice, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and the Bureau of Justice Assistance) and the National Institute of Corrections to curtail prison rape. In addition to an introduction and background, this report reviews activities and accomplishments for the: Office of Justice Programs (OJP); National Institute of Justice (NIJ) -- legislative mandate, research awards, and requests for proposals (RFPs); Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) -- legislative mandate, expert panel meetings, administrative survey collections, victim self-report survey collections, coordination efforts, and PREA-related publications; Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) -- legislative mandate, awarding of Protecting Inmates and Safeguarding Communities Program Grants; and National Institute of Corrections (NIC) -- legislative mandate, classroom training, regional workshops for executive leadership, professional conferences, videoconference, informational video, technical assistance, and national clearinghouse.

Report to the Congress of the United States on the Activities of the Department of Justice in Relation to the Prison Rape Elimination Act (Public Law 108-79) Cover
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