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Requests for proposals

  • Facility Development: Needs Assessment & Pre-Design Planning RFP Checklist [and] Planning & Design RFQ and RFP Checklist

    In this compilation of three documents, critical elements to include in a needs assessment and planning services RFP and an architectural planning
  • A Model for Social Justice: Collaboration Between Faith-Based and Community Organizations and Corrections [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held September 12, 2007]

    Collaboration between faith-based organizations, community organizations, and corrections has proven to be a cost-effective way to meet agency need
  • 3rd Annual Report to the Congress of the United States on the Activities of the Department of Justice in Relation to the Prison Rape Elimination Act (Public Law 108-79)

    Covering the calendar year 2005, this third annual report to Congress summarizes the activities of the Office of Justice Programs (i.e., the Nation
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