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Research evaluation

  • Community Supervision Operational and Organizational Stress: White Paper

    Community supervision officers work with individuals under supervision for a sustained period of time, placing officers in a situation where they a
  • Community Supervision Staff Trauma and Organizational Stress Needs Assessment

    This needs assessment was developed by Rulo Strategies LLC and the National Center for State Courts with the support of the National Institute of C
  • Community Supervision Staff Trauma and Organizational Stress: Summary of Findings

    In 2021, Rulo Strategies, in collaboration with the National Center for State Courts, completed a literature review, the results of which were summ
  • Macomb County: Jail Needs Analysis & Criminal Justice System Assessment (2016)

    Jail space is a limited and expensive resource, and while the Sheriff is responsible for managing the detention facility, overall jail usage is dic

  • Orange County Jails (2017)

    Conditions in county jails that conform to the United States Constitution are a prerequisite for the legitimacy and integrity of the American justi

  • Montgomery County, Maryland Master Facilities Confinement Study (2014)

    This Master Facilities Confinement Study is a systemic criminal justice review commissioned by Montgomery County with the aim of establishing futur

  • Improving Staffing and Security in North Carolina Prisons

    A review of nationwide prison management practices