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Sentencing disparity

Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced and Underprotected (2015)

For girls, as with boys, the failure to receive a high school diploma often places individuals on a pathway to low-wage work, unemployment, and incarceration.

Myths & Facts - Using Risk and Need Assessments to Enhance Outcomes and Reduce Disparities in the Criminal Justice System

This package includes a one-page list of myths and facts along with a research-based supporting document.

Risk, Race, & Recidivism: Predictive Bias and Disparate Impact

This study examines the relationships among race, risk assessment (the Post Conviction Risk Assessment [PCRA]), and future arrest.

Incorporating Racial Equality Into Criminal Justice Reform

This briefing paper provides an overview of racial disparities in the criminal justice system and a framework for remedying these disparities.

Examining Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Probation Revocation: Summary Findings and Implications from a Multisite Study

This brief discusses the degree of disparity in probation revocation outcomes and the drivers of that disparity.

Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Juvenile Justice System

This brief explains how DMC in the juvenile justice system is measured and takes a close look at drug offenses, property crimes, and status offenses.

Race and Punishment: Racial Perceptions of Crime and Support for Punitive Policies

This report establishes that skewed racial perceptions of crime have bolstered harsh and biased criminal justice policies.

Disproportionate Minority Contact and Status Offenses

This report looks at the significant overrepresentation of minority youth among juvenile status offenders.

Breaking Down Mass Incarceration in the 2010 Census: State-by-State Incarceration Rates by Race/Ethnicity

This briefing examines the extent of disproportion of incarcerated minorities in the United States at the state level.

Tracking State Prison Growth in 50 States

This briefing presents a series of graphs showing prison growth (and sometimes decline) for every state in the nation.


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