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Sex offender

Best Practices in the Assessment, Treatment, and Risk Management of Persons Who Have Sexually Offended

This report is intended to provide a comprehensive review of best practices in the assessment, treatment, and risk management of persons who have sexually offended. 

Key Things to Know About Juveniles Who Sexually Offend (2017)

Juveniles and adults who sexually offend should be viewed as distinct populations. Tools to assess risk in juveniles are not yet validated and may serve to best inform treatment planning.

Sex Offenders

This collection of resources is intended to provide a broad overview of current research and trends in the management and treatment of sex offenders.

The Reentry of Adults Convicted of Sexual Offenses: A National Survey of Reentry Professionals

Results are presented from "a national survey of stakeholders invested in the successful reentry of adults convicted of sexual offenses … The survey findings reveal variability regarding the extent to which respondents’ beliefs about various sex offender-related matters align with current research.

Using Evidence-Based Interventions with Youth Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses

This report explains how other agencies can use ERASOR to strengthen their responses to sexual offending by youth.

Improving Illinois’ Response to Sexual Offenses Committed by Youth: Recommendations for Law, Policy, and Practice

While this report comments on issues related to youth who sexually offend in Illinois, its recommendations are applicable to any state.

Sex Offender Management Assessment and Planning Initiative

<p>This report examines SOMAPI, a project designed to assess the state of research and practice in sex offender management.</p>

SMART: Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking

This website is a portal to a wealth of information about sex offending and sex offender management.

An Evaluation of Sex Offender Registry Restrictions in Michigan and Missouri

This report examines the impact of registry restrictions on sex offenders by housing locations, recidivism patterns, and the collateral consequences.

Taking it on the Chin: Legislatively Imposed Internet Restrictions for Sex Offenders

This publication reviews court cases concerning the restricted use of the Internet by sex offenders.


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