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Sex offender treatment

This report examines "whether the principles associated with effective treatments for general offenders (Risk-Need-Responsivity: RNR) also apply to sexual offender treatment" (p. i). Sections following an abstract include: introduction; method; results according to the effects of treatment on recidivism, on adherence to RNR principles, and by year and adherence to RNR principles; and discussion about the implications for treatment providers and for researchers. The largest reductions in recidivism are experienced by programs utilizing RNR.

A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Treatment for Sexual Offenders:  Risk, Need, and Responsivity Cover

Effective assessment, treatment, and management of incarcerated sex offenders are enhanced by this 36-hour distance learning event. The content of this training program is divided into five sections: characteristics of sex offenders and treatment programs (what works/what doesn't work); comprehensive psycho-sexual assessment; treatment issues, such as sex offender treatment vs. traditional treatment, denial/cognitive distortion and empathy, stages of change and interviewing strategies, social and emotional competence, sexual arousal control, substance abuse and sexual offending, mental health issues, integrating polygraph.

 Sex Offender Treatment Skills for Corrections Professionals Cover
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