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Sex offender

Fifty State Survey of Adult Sex Offender Registration Requirements

State requirements for the registration of adult sex offenders are compiled and presented.

50 State Survey on Sex Offender Registry

Results from a survey on sex offenders registry are provided. Questions asked are: citation(s) of statutes(s); registrable offenses with citations; and the state agency responsible for maintaining sex offender registry.

Effective Supervision of Adult Sex Offenders in the Community [Videoconference held February 9, 2000]

The goal of this videoconference is to enhance the ability of probation and parole agency staff (line officers, supervisors, and policymakers/administrators) to supervise sex offenders in the community more effectively.

Psychopaths: Their Nature and Impact on Corrections [Videoconference held August 5, 1998]

This 3-hour interactive videoconference addresses both adult and juvenile psychopaths who are incarcerated or under community supervision.


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