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Site selection

This guide “discusses current correctional standards and architectural principles that are important to building a cost-efficient jail to meet a locality’s particular needs” (p. xix). It will be highly useful for anyone involved in the planning, design, and construction of a new jail. Chapters are divided into four parts - getting started, major design considerations, functional components, and special considerations – and include: introduction; predesign planning; site selection and design; image and appearance; classification and separation; surveillance and supervision; staffing impact; security perimeter; criminal justice interface; functional components and relationships; planning and designing to standards; expansion; master control; intake-release; general housing; special housing; health care; visiting areas; exercise areas; programs and services; inmate commissary; food service; laundry areas; administration and public areas; staff areas; storage areas; single versus multiple occupancy; renovating nonsecure buildings into jails; construction and project costs; and making a building work.

Jail Design Guide Cover

Addresses architectural design as it relates to functional components of the jail, discusses overall design considerations, and reviews pre-design planning, renovation, construction costs, and facility transition.

Jail Design Guide: A Resource for Small and Medium-Sized Jails cover

Guidance is provided for successfully identifying, evaluating, and selecting jail sites. This bulletin contains the following sections: case study -- why systematic jail site selection is important; the SEQRA (state environmental quality review act) model; preliminary considerations; five-step site selection process; case study -- the cost of overreacting to public concerns; case study -- an example of rural site selection; case study -- an example of jail expansion on an urban site; case study -- a good neighbor by design; case study -- creative solutions to public concerns; case study -- connecting the jail to the courthouse; and conclusion. Appendixes include a sample site selection evaluation form and a sample key data display.

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