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Fifty State Survey of Adult Sex Offender Registration Requirements

State requirements for the registration of adult sex offenders are compiled and presented.

Sexual Violence in Women's Prisons and Jails: Results From Focus Group Interviews

This report presents results from focus group interviews of correctional personnel from 2 women's facilities (one jail and one prison).

Gendered Violence and Safety: A Contextual Approach to Improving Security in Women's Facilities

In response to the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA), this project investigated the context of gendered violence and safety in women’s correctional facilities.

Breaking the Code of Silence: Correction Officers' Handbook on Identifying and Addressing Sexual Misconduct

Critical issues related to staff sexual misconduct with offenders are discussed.

Investigating Sexual Assaults in Correctional Facilities

Problems with the investigation of sexual assaults (inmate on inmate sexual assault and staff sexual misconduct) in correctional facilities are discussed.

Correctional Internal Affairs Investigators Job Analysis

A job profile for an Internal Affairs Investigator in state operated adult correctional facilities is provided.

Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, July 2001

These proceedings highlight what happened at the Large Jail Network Meeting July 2001.

Addressing Staff Sexual Misconduct with Offenders [Videoconference Held December 12, 2001]

This 3-hour videoconference discusses the development of sound agency practices to address sexual misconduct among staff and offenders.

Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, January 2002

Contents of these proceedings include: meeting highlights; issues important to meeting participants; "Diversity Recruitment: Techniques and Community Networking" by Arthur Wallenstein; "Preventing Staff Sexual Misconduct" by Susan McCampbell; and more.

Staff Sexual Misconduct with Inmates: Policy Development Guide for Sheriffs and Jail Administrators

Tools to assess an organization and implement strategies to prevent staff sexual misconduct in a jail setting are provided.


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