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Staff sexual misconduct

Untangling the PREA Standards: Outside Reporting, Confidential Support, and Third-Party Reporting Fact Sheet

The purpose of this fact sheet is to clarify the various external reporting methods that the standards require detention facilities to put in place, and that are separate from the internal reporting mechanisms described in the standard §115.51(a).

Ending Sexual Abuse Behind the Walls: An Orientation

This is an orientation video for new inmates.

Developing and Implementing a PREA-Compliant Staffing Plan

This paper identifies and explains the applicable PREA Standards and requirements, along with other influencing factors that impact a facility’s development, documentation and implementation of a PREA-compliant facility staffing plan.

PREA Data Collection Activities, 2015

This report summarizes BJS's efforts during 2014 and 2015 to provide estimates of the rates of sexual victimization among transgender inmates.

National PREA Resource Center

The PRC’s aim is to provide assistance to those responsible for state and local adult prisons and jails, juvenile facilities, community corrections, lockups, tribal organizations, and inmates and their families in their efforts to eliminate sexual abuse in confinement.

Why Americans Don't Care About Prison Rape And What Happens When the Problem Escapes from Behind Bars

This article explains why the general public accepts prison rape while addressing the impact prison rape has on the community.

An End to Silence: Inmate's Handbook on Identifying and Addressing Sexual Abuse, 3rd Edition

This publication educates inmates about legal and other mechanisms that provide protection and redress from sexual abuse in custodial settings.

Safe Sex in Jail

This is article describes the legal consequences arising from a correctional officer having sex with an inmate.

PREA Juvenile Offender Orientation for Newly Committed Juvenile Offenders

This document provides an introduction for youth about the prevention of sexual abuse while they are incarcerated.

A Portrait of Boundary Violations: Former Female Employees of Corrections Who Have Established a Relationship With an Inmate

This study examined the process that permits a female correctional employee to develop a relationship with a male inmate.


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