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Job descriptions

  • Competency Profile of Detention Facility Inspector

    The knowledge, skills, and traits needed by a detention facility inspector are assessed in this DACUM profile.
  • Job Descriptions for OES, OWDS, and OWDPM

    "[A] comprehensive list of skills, functions, and duties for use by agencies in developing job descriptions for Offender Employment Specialist (OES
  • Inclusion of Proposed Job Titles & Descriptions in SOC Revisions

    Skills, functions, and duties are provided for the following job descriptions: Offender Employment Specialist (OES); Offender Job Retention Employm
  • Competency Profile of a Regional Field Coordinator

    Regional field coordinators serve as liaisons to the National Institute of Corrections and are responsible for initiating, coordinating, and dissem
  • Correctional Trainer

    This DACUM Profile is for a Correctional Trainer.
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