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State legislation

Defining Violence: Reducing Incarceration by Rethinking America's Approach to Violence

This report examines how the debate over justice approaches to violent crime, nonviolent crime, and incarceration is playing out in state legislatures.

Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Targeted Case Management: Opportunities for Public Safety [Webinar]

This webinar defines roles that criminal justice professionals play in Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) and Targeted Case Management (TCM).

Trends in Juvenile Justice State Legislation 2011-2015

Recent trends in juvenile justice legislation across the country represent a significant new direction to broadly reform justice systems.

Community Corrections and the Justice Reinvestment Act

This covers budget overview, significant legislation, the changing role of probation officers, programs for probationers, and reinvestment and results.

Short-Term Jail Confinement (Quick Dips) Efficiency

The efficacy of using quick dips, 2-3 day confinement in jail, as a swift and certain response for first time violation of probation is explained.

Justice Reinvestment in Idaho: Analyses and Policy Framework

If implemented, the package of policies outlined in the framework has the potential to generate significant savings in Idaho and estimates a 15-percent reduction in recidivism.

The Justice Reinvestment Initiative: Thinking Local for State Justice Reinvestment

This policy brief considers the importance of collaboration with local justice partners to create state­ level justice reinvestment solutions.

Justice Reinvestment in Washington: Analysis and Policy Framework

This report summarizes comprehensive analyses of sentencing, corrections, and arrests data presented to the Washington State Justice Reinvestment Taskforce.

Trends in Pretrial Release: State Legislation

This document provides an overview of legislative enactments regarding pretrial release policy.

State Pretrial Release Legislation Database

This website provides pretrial legislation enacted by states starting in 2012.


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