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  • Parole Violations Revisited: A Handbook on Strengthening Parole Practices for Public Safety and Successful Transition to the Community

    Presents steps that jurisdictions can take to assess their current parole violation and revocation policy and practice, identify targets of change,
  • Providing Tools for Risk Reduction Case Management in Parole and Community Corrections

    The Kansas Offender Risk Reduction & Reentry Plan (KOR3P) is described.
  • Offender Workforce Development Services Makes an Impact

    Results from an ongoing evaluation project on the effectiveness of offender workforce development (OWD) services are presented.
  • Context and Impact of Organizational Changes in State Corrections Agencies: A Study of Local Discourses and Practices in Kansas and Michigan

    The impact of external and internal forces on “corrections policy innovation in which measures to control prison populations and enhance service de
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