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  • What Works: Effective Recidivism Reduction and Risk-Focused Prevention Programs: A Compendium of Evidence-Based Options for Preventing New and Persistent Criminal Behavior

    "This report identifies and describes interventions that are effective in reducing recidivism and preventing crime" (p. 1).
  • Improving Pretrial Assessment and Supervision in Colorado

    The Colorado Improving Supervised Pretrial Release (CISPR) Project, an innovative pretrial initiative, is described.
  • Evidence-Based Practices Implementation for Capacity (EPIC)

    This is an article regarding the statewide implementation of evidence-based correctional practice.
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Colorado's Continued Warehousing of Mentally Ill Prisoners in Solitary Confinement

    “This report examines past and continued use of solitary confinement by the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) to manage mentally ill prison
  • Evidence-Based Pretrial Release: Final Paper

    Anyone looking to reduce the amount of beds they need for pretrial detention should read this publication.
  • Unsecured Bonds: The Most Effective and Efficient Pretrial Release Option

    If your pretrial agency is looking for solid empirical evidence about the effectiveness of unsecure bonds compared to secure bonds in safeguarding
  • Pretrial Justice: The Colorado Story

    "Over the last few years, Colorado has been working on statewide pretrial justice reform and seen incredible advancements in legislation, policy, a
  • Colorado Department of Human Services Youth Services Forms

    Access is provided to an alphabetized collection of sample forms related to juvenile corrections.