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Indian country

  • Special Feature: Justice in Indian Country: Corrections

    This webpage provides a wealth of links to resources related to Native Americans and corrections.
  • Building Capacity for Tribal Justice Solutions: A Portrait of Assessments and Technology in Tribal Courts

    Decisions about what to do with people coming through the criminal court system can have long-lasting impacts on those individuals’ well-being and

  • Tribal Crime Data Collection Activities, 2022

    This report is the 12th in a series that began in 2011.

  • Jails in Indian Country, 2021, and the Impact of COVID-19, July-December 2020 (2022)

    A total of 2,180 inmates were held in 80 jails in Indian country at midyear 2021, an 8% increase from the 2,020 inmates held in 82 facilities at mi