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  • Avoiding Inmate Setups

    This is an in-depth interview with an expert at manipulating jail and prison staff.
  • The Effects of Prison Visitation on Offender Recidivism

    The influence visitation has on the recidivism of visited prisoners is examined.
  • Title: Evidence Handling

    This policy establishes the procedures defining how to collect and manage crime scene evidence.
  • DOCCR Validation Study of the Research Institute on Addiction Self-Inventory (RIASA)

    “Repeat offenders pose a significant threat to public safety and reducing DWI [driving while impaired] recidivism is an important goal of DOCCR.
  • Estimating the Benefits of a Faith-Based Correctional Program

    This “recent outcome evaluation of the InnerChange Freedom Initiative (InnerChange), a faith-based prisoner reentry program that has operated withi
  • “Give Us Free”: Addressing Racial Disparities in Bail Determinations

    “This article considers racial disparities that occur nationally in the bail determination process, due in large part to the lack of uniformity, re
  • Ramsey County Proxy Tool Norming & Validation Results

    Results are presented from a norming and validation study of the Ramsey County Proxy assessment tool.
  • Jails in America: A Report on Podular Direct Supervision

    This video is an excellent introduction to the use of podular direct supervision.
  • Adult Pre-Release Handbook: Pre-Release Information for an Informed Re-Entry and a Successful Transition

    This guide will help offenders in determining where they are at in terms of preparing for release and in creating a plan to succeed once they leave
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