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  • Performance Audit of Pennsylvania Correctional Industries of the Department of Corrections

    The effectiveness of Pennsylvania Correctional Industries (PCI), a state-run prison business, in planning efforts and managing operations is assess
  • Rising to the Challenge of Applying Evidence-Based Practices Across the Spectrum of a State Parole System

    The use of evidence-based practices to improve discretionary parole system is explained.
  • Predicting Recidivism Risk: New Tool in Philadelphia Shows Great Promise

    “As ever-increasing numbers of offenders are supervised in the community - witness the massive “realignment” of prisoners in California - parole an
  • Pennsylvania and MacArthur's Models for Change: The Story of a Successful Public-Private Partnership

    “At the heart of the Models for Change story in Pennsylvania is the partnership between the John D. and Catherine T.
  • Inmate Behavior Management: Northampton County Jail Case Study

    “Violence, vandalism, and other unwanted inmate behaviors prevail in many jails nationwide, and they frustrate jail practitioners who must ensure t
  • Stories of Transition: Men and Women in the Allegheny County Jail Collaborative's Reentry Program

    This report is written for those individuals working with ex-offenders reentering the community.
  • Volunteers and Interns in the Department of Corrections

    Procedures for permitting “volunteers and public visitors to provide a number of direct services to inmates, as well as serving as a link between t
  • The Choice is Yours: Early Implementation of a Diversion Program for Felony Offenders

    “In an effort to introduce approaches that reduce both recidivism and court costs, Philadelphia District Attorney (DA) Seth Williams spearheaded th
  • Young Women of Color with Criminal Records: A Barrier to Economic Stability for Low-Income Families and Communities

    “Over the past few years, young women of color have been represented at a disproportionately high rate among clients coming to Community Legal Serv
  • From Recidivism to Recovery: The Case for Peer Support in Texas Correctional Facilities

    "In this paper, we [the authors] explore the use of mental health peer support services as one way to support recovery, improve continuity of care,
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