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  • Wisconsin's Mass Incarceration of African American Males: Workforce Challenges for 2013

    Issues related to the ability of ex-offenders to get jobs after their release from imprisonment in Wisconsin are explored.
  • The Value of Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils in Wisconsin

    This video explains the use of Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils (CJCCs) in Wisconsin.
  • A Guidebook for Incarcerated Veterans in Wisconsin

    'This booklet is a tool for Incarcerated Veterans and their families who may want access to support services that promote a better and new manner o
  • Reaching In: A Handbook for the Families of Parents Incarcerated in Wisconsin

    "More than 2 million children have a parent currently in prison or jail, and 10 million more have experienced incarceration of one or both parents
  • Wisconsin Department of Corrections Interactive Dashboards

    Access is provided to three interactive dashboards from the Division of Adult Institutions (DAI) of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections-Admissi
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