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Unobtrusive Suicide Warning System: Final Technical Report: Phase III

This report explains in detail how this research group “developed a prototype demonstration system that can measure an inmate’s heart rate, breathing rate and general body motion without being attached to the inmate (i.e. from a non-contact distance).

Youth in Contact with the Juvenile Justice System Task Force

This website provides research findings, recommendations, and practical tools for juvenile justice and mental health administrators and staff.

Parents in State Prisons

This report explains why sending parents to prison results in single-parent households, damages family ties, and exacerbates childhood poverty.

The Role of Corrections Professionals in Preventing Suicide

This report discusses the role correctional officers must play in dealing with inmate suicides, especially those officers in jails.

National Study of Jail Suicide: 20 Years Later

This report presents the most comprehensive updated information on the extent and distribution of inmate suicides throughout the country, including data on the changing face of suicide victims.

Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, July 2002

These proceedings highlight what happened at the Large Jail Network Meeting July 2002.

Prison Suicide: An Overview and Guide to Prevention

This monograph presents a review of the literature, standards for prison suicide prevention, and additional information.


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