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Team management

  • Group Facilitation Skills for Trainers

    This 16-hour course explores the skills needed in leading group participants to achieve specific learning goals.
  • Facilitation Skills for Managers: Training Curriculum Package

    This 16-hour course is designed for managers who run meetings and/or lead task groups. This curriculum is divided into seven modules:
  • Strategies for Building Effective Work Teams [Participant's Manual]

    Strategies for developing, implementing, managing, and evaluating work teams within a work unit or agencywide are covered during this 36-hour progr
  • The Role of Facilitators and Staff in Supporting Collaborative Teams

    The need for facilitators and staff to support collaborative teams is explained.
  • A Leader's Role in Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Culture, Part 3

    The landscape of the work environment has been irreversibly changed.
  • Learning to Drive Meaningful Change [Webinar]

    Every leader must be a change agent to survive and thrive.
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