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This is an excellent presentation for youth about the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). It is intended to be used during orientation to the facility. Sections contained in this presentation are: Introductions—what’s it really like; Part 1—understanding your rights versus privileges; Part 2—zero tolerance means zero; Part 3—ensuring safety--i.e. grooming, letting others know of inappropriate touch, sharing of contraband by staff, sharing of personal information by staff, bullying by other youth; making reports—feeling free to report problems and the many ways to do so; Part 5—safety for girls; and Conclusion—do the program, be well, and stay safe.

Safeguarding Your Sexual Safety Cover

Answers to frequently asked questions about Security Threat Groups (STGs) or prison gangs are provided. Topics covered include: what a STG is; the 12 STGs recognized in Texas prisons; why an offender joins a STG; what the indicators of STG membership are; how STGs recruit members; what administrative segregation is; what a STG can do to your family if your son/daughter joins; what STG members and/or their family and friends face upon their release from prison; and what to do to get out of a STG.

Security Threat Groups on the Inside Cover

Results are presented from an assessment of Texas' victim offender mediation (VOM) programs. Sections of this report include: victim offender mediation background; VOM programs in Texas; VOM in Dallas, Tarrant, and Travis juvenile probation departments; and conclusions and recommendations. Appendixes provide a summary of VOMs in Texas and county locations of Dispute Resolution Centers in Texas.

Victim Offender Mediation Programs in Texas Cover


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