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Training in corrections

  • Bridging the Gap: Winning Administration's Support for Training

    Designed specifically for correctional trainers from all areas of corrections, this twenty-four-hour seminar instructs participants in the developm
  • Competency Profile of Training Administrator

    Developed as a demonstration during the "DACUM Facilitator Training" session, April 15-16, 1997 in Longmont, CO., this profile contains in brief fo
  • Gangs, Community and Corrections [Videoconference held June 10, 1998]

    This is a 2-hour forum on gang-related criminal activity in the community and within the correctional environment.
  • Psychopaths: Their Nature and Impact on Corrections [Videoconference held August 5, 1998]

    This three-hour interactive videoconference addresses both adult and juvenile psychopaths who are incarcerated or under community supervision.
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace [Satellite/Internet Broadcast on April 7, 1999]

    Among the more difficult challenges existing within personnel management is conflict resolution.
  • Application and Use of Restraints in Custody: Reducing the Risk [Videoconference Held April 19, 2000]

    This presentation will increase the user's understanding of the risks associated with the use of restraints, tools to reduce risk, and the proper w
  • Investigating Allegations of Staff Sexual Misconduct with Inmates [Lesson Plans]

    A curriculum to address the needs of those who investigate allegations of staff sexual misconduct is presented.
  • Options for Managing Difficult Inmates [Videoconference held on June 13, 2001]

    Difficult inmates, such as those who have gang affiliations, chronic behavioral problems or who are mentally or socially challenged, require more c
  • Female Offenders in the Community [Videoconference Held July 18, 2001]

    This video examines the needs, strengths, weaknesses, and risks associated with female offenders. Topics discussed include:
  • Critical Knowledge About 12-Step Programs for Criminal Justice Professionals [Videoconference held August 29, 2001]

    This 3-hour program discusses the strengths and weaknesses of 12-step programs and how they integrate with "what works" in the correctional field.
  • Implementing the PREA Standards, Protecting Inmates, and Safeguarding Communities

    The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) directs the Department of Justice to provide grants to jurisdictions and agencies nationwide to “protect inmates (particularly from prison rape) and to safeguard the communities to which inmates return.” 34 USC § 30305(a).

    Through this program, BJA is seeking applications for funding of projects designed to prevent, detect, and respond to sexual abuse and sexual harassment in confinement facilities, and to achieve and maintain compliance with the PREA standards.

  • Staffing Analysis Implementation Project

    Notice: The Application Deadline has expired

    The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is seeking facility-based correctional agencies interested in applying for training and technical assistance in the analysis of agency staffing requirements.

    In an unprecedented era of staffing shortages, good staffing plans and practices go a long way toward achieving an agency's most important mandate: providing safety for staff, the public, and those in custody. The National Institute of Corrections is seeking facility-based correctional agencies with a commitment to following a systematic approach to analyzing their staffing requirements. By conducting a staffing analysis following an industry-recognized process, agencies will compile and analyze the data necessary to recognize where they can make efficiencies, establish or modify policies that affect staffing, and provide justification for current or future staffing needs.