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Training in corrections

Correctional Staff Wellness: Making Choices Toward a Higher Level of Total Health and Well Being [Videoconference Held June 16, 2004]

This 3-hour program focuses on the importance of staff wellness in a correctional environment.

Classification of High-Risk Offenders [Videoconference Held September 1, 2004]

This broadcast addresses classification, programming, and supervision for high-risk and special management inmates in the prison setting.

Addressing Staff Sexual Misconduct with Offenders Curriculum: Instructor's Guide [Lesson Plan and Participant's Manual]

This 36-hour training program addresses complex issues surrounding staff sexual misconduct.

Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children and Youth in Custody [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

This 3-hour program looks at incidents of sexual abuse of juveniles in custody and introduces corrections professionals to PREA requirements.

Making the Media Work for You in the 21st Century [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

This 3-hour program helps agencies build a proactive communication strategy for working in partnership with the media and the public.

Juvenile Female Offenders: How Do You Meet Their Needs In Your Juvenile Justice Setting? [Participant's Manual]

This 1.5-hour training session discusses meeting the needs of juvenile female offenders.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace [Satellite/Internet Broadcast on April 7, 1999]

This videoconference focuses upon managing conflict in a correctional setting. 

A Systemic Approach to the Americans with Disabilities Act in Corrections: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow [Satellite/Internet Broadcast on February 15, 2006]

This program addresses ADA since 1990 when it was signed into law and since impacted the field of corrections.


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