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Training in corrections

Application and Use of Restraints in Custody: Reducing the Risk [Videoconference Held April 19, 2000]

This presentation discusses the risks associated with the use of restraints, tools to reduce risk, and the proper way to use restraints in custody.

Investigating Allegations of Staff Sexual Misconduct with Inmates [Lesson Plans]

A curriculum to address the needs of those who investigate allegations of staff sexual misconduct is presented.

Options for Managing Difficult Inmates [Videoconference held on June 13, 2001]

This 3-hour program covers difficult inmates that require more complex management interventions.

Female Offenders in the Community [Videoconference Held July 18, 2001]

This video examines the needs, strengths, weaknesses, and risks associated with female offenders.

Correctional Staff Wellness: Making Choices Toward a Higher Level of Total Health and Well Being [Videoconference Held June 16, 2004]

This 3-hour program focuses on the importance of staff wellness in a correctional environment.

Classification of High-Risk Offenders [Videoconference Held September 1, 2004]

This broadcast addresses classification, programming, and supervision for high-risk and special management inmates in the prison setting.

Addressing Staff Sexual Misconduct with Offenders Curriculum: Instructor's Guide [Lesson Plan and Participant's Manual]

This 36-hour training program addresses complex issues surrounding staff sexual misconduct.

Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children and Youth in Custody [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

This 3-hour program looks at incidents of sexual abuse of juveniles in custody and introduces corrections professionals to PREA requirements.

Making the Media Work for You in the 21st Century [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

This 3-hour program helps agencies build a proactive communication strategy for working in partnership with the media and the public.


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