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Training in corrections

Juvenile Female Offenders: How Do You Meet Their Needs In Your Juvenile Justice Setting? [Participant's Manual]

This 1.5-hour training session discusses meeting the needs of juvenile female offenders.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace [Satellite/Internet Broadcast on April 7, 1999]

This videoconference focuses upon managing conflict in a correctional setting. 

A Systemic Approach to the Americans with Disabilities Act in Corrections: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow [Satellite/Internet Broadcast on February 15, 2006]

This program addresses ADA since 1990 when it was signed into law and since impacted the field of corrections.

Building Leadership Development Systems in Juvenile Justice Agencies [Participant's Manual]

This 30-hour course discusses the development and implementation of an in-house leadership and management development system

Critical Elements of Re-Entry/Continuing Care Systems [Participant's Manual]

This manual explains how to use a three-phase process to plan, create, and evaluate reentry/continuing care systems.

Results of the Offender Workforce Development Specialist Post-Training Survey

This report presents results about the usability of OWDS class content by the participant once they return to the job.

Correctional Leadership Competencies for the 21st Century: Executive and Senior Levels

Characteristics that result in the best performance of executive and senior level leaders are identified.

NIC Fiscal Year 2006 Service Plan: Technical Assistance, Information, and Training for Adult Corrections

NIC's Service Plan for fiscal year 2006 contains opportunities available to those working in local, state, and federal corrections.

Community Supervision: Using a Strength-Based, Family-Focused Approach [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held March 16, 2005]

This program identifies the strengths and resources inherent in the family as a fundamental support system for recently released inmates.


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