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Training in corrections

Innovative Reentry Strategies: The Emerging Role of Correctional Industries [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held October 7, 2009]

This program focuses on presenting new reentry strategies and highlight specific programs around the country that reflect best practices. 

Effectively Managing Aging and Geriatric Offenders [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held March 11, 2010]

This 3-hour program covers issues related to geriatric offenders, such as who they are, their needs, staff training, and special considerations.

Using Labor Market Information to Promote Positive Employment Outcomes for Offenders

This instructional disk covers LMI and provides tools to increase employment outcomes for the offenders under your supervision.

Implementing Motivational Interviewing in Correctional Settings: An Interview with Dr. William Miller

This presentation is an extended interview with Dr. William Miller regarding the utilization of motivational interviewing (MI) in correctional settings.

From the Battlefront to the Homefront: Welcoming Employees Back to Work

This 3-hour program explains ways to be proactive in establishing programs that ease the process of deployment and the employees’ return to work.

Building Tomorrow's Workforce: An Effective Reentry Strategy [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held August 2008]

This program focuses on the history and benefits of correctional industries and ways to balance competing interests.

Women and Work: Gender Responsivity and Workforce Development [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held September 24-25, 2008]

This training program presents strategies for making women offender workplace development programs more responsive to their clients. 

No More “My Way or the Highway”: Embracing the 21st Century Workforce [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held November 19,2008]

This 3-hour program explains way to develop effective strategies to recruit, communicate, train, retain, and lead staff to high performance.

Victim Impact: Listen and Learn

This 32-hour program shows offenders the impact of their crimes on their victims.

Sharing Gang Intelligence Bridging the Gap: Corrections - Police - Educators [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

This publication explains why collaboration and information sharing are needed for effective management of gangs and ensuring public safety.


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