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Training in corrections

Islam's Place and Practice of Worship in the Correctional Environment

This presentation provides an introductory overview to the masjid (prayer hall or mosque) and the religious worship of Islam and guidance for accommodating Muslim belief and practices in correctional facilities.

Correctional Leadership Competencies for the 21st Century: Manager and Supervisor Levels

Characteristics that result in the best performance of correctional managers and supervisors are identified.

Restorative Justice: Principles, Practices, and Implementation (Training Broadcast)

This 32-hour distance learning program is an introduction to restorative justice concepts, principles, and values are provided during.

Systemic Approaches to Emergency Preparedness Affecting Correctional Communities [Videoconference Held July 31, 2002]

This 3-hour program explains emergency preparedness action planning from a systemic perspective conducive to natural community partnerships.

Mentoring in the Corrections Workplace: A Self-Paced Workbook

This workbook presents a self-paced course on how to be an effective mentor.

Collaborative Approach to Staff Recruitment and Retention [Videoconference Held August 28, 2002]

This 3-hour NIC broadcast discusses strategies to recruit promising candidates for corrections jobs and how to retain experienced staff. 

Transition from Prison to the Community [Videoconference Held February 12, 2003]

This 3-hour program provides Information regarding NIC's transition initiative and model which assists parolees, probationers, and the released.

Building New Employee Success with an Effective Field Training Officer (FTO) Program [Videoconference Held August 20, 2003]

This 133-minute program explores the development of a formal new employee on-the-job (OTJ) program based on a corrections-specific FTO model. 

Children of Prisoners: Children of Promise [Videoconference Held June 18, 2003]

This three-hour videoconference identifies the problems and greatest needs of incarcerated parents and caretakers with regard to their children. 

Effective Retraining: Fun, Focused, Fresh! [Participant's Manual]

This manual from a 3-hour training program looks at the need for and process of retraining in an organization.


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