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Training development

Training from A (Analysis) to E (Evaluation) ‐ Are You Applying the Science of Learning and Performance? [Webinar]

This webinar is an overview of NIC’s white paper Training from A to E: Analysis to Evaluation (032740) on learning and performance, and its application to corrections training.

Foundation Skills for Trainers: 32-Hour Training Program [Videoconference Held March 22-25, 2004]

This 32-hour program explains the preparation, presentation, and platform delivery skills

Competency Profile of a Regional Field Coordinator

This DACUM profile describes the competencies expected of NIC regional field coordinators.

The Six Moving Parts of Correctional Training Effectiveness

This report covers the concept of "The Six Moving Parts of Correctional Employee Training," a model for integrating strategy into training.

Training Design and Development

This program explains the systematic design of training based upon the Instructional Theory Into Practice (ITIP) model. 

ITIP Toolkit: A Guide for Working with Curriculum Developers

This user-friendly tool kit is provides a mechanism for the user to work with curriculum designers on curriculum as it is being developed.

Effective Training Design and Development [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held April 2007]

This course provides the knowledge necessary to create effective training programs.

Cost Effective In-Service Training Alternatives for Small Jails

This Training Resource Package recommends several cost-effective methods of providing in-service training for existing staff

Building Agency Success: Developing an Effective FTO/OJT Training Program [Videoconference Held August 17-19, 2004]

This 3-day broadcast discusses the development of a formal OJT program for new employees based on a corrections-specific FTO model.

Nuts and Bolts of the Curriculum Development Process

This document covers needs assessment; the planning session and content development; content development; pilot delivery and revision; the completed curriculum package; and budget estimates for each step of the process.


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