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Victim offender reconciliation

This 32-hour program shows offenders the impact of their crimes on their victims. Units comprising this course are: getting started; introduction to victim impact; property crime; assault; robbery; hate and bias; gang crime; sexual assault; child abuse and neglect; domestic violence; drunk and impaired driving; homicide; and making amends. Access to accompanying video clips are provided at this website.

Victim Impact:  Listen and Learn  Cover

Results are presented from an assessment of Texas' victim offender mediation (VOM) programs. Sections of this report include: victim offender mediation background; VOM programs in Texas; VOM in Dallas, Tarrant, and Travis juvenile probation departments; and conclusions and recommendations. Appendixes provide a summary of VOMs in Texas and county locations of Dispute Resolution Centers in Texas.

Victim Offender Mediation Programs in Texas Cover

If you are looking for an explanation of what victim-centered victim offender dialogue (VOD) is, then this is the document for you. It does a great job in explaining the process and standards involved in effective VOD.

Victim-Centered Victim Offender Dialogue in Crimes of Severe Violence: 20 Essential Principles for Corrections-Based Victim Services Cover
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