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Victim surveys

This annual suite of resources includes a variety of user-friendly sample materials, current statistics, professional artwork, and tutorials—all designed to help you quickly and capably develop and implement public awareness campaigns for NCVRW and throughout the year. This year’s theme—Expand the Circle: Reach All Victims—emphasizes the importance of inclusion in victim services. The theme addresses how the crime victims field can better ensure that every crime victim has access to services and support and how professionals, organizations, and communities can work in tandem to reach all victims.

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Poster

This report describes the development of the National Census of Victim Service Providers (NCVSP), including the development of the national roster of entities potentially serving victims, the NCVSP data collection instrument, and the implementation and results of a pilot study conducted with 725 entities from the national roster. Results examine the feasibility of obtaining high response rates from different types of victim service providers (VSPs), experimental tests of different procedures for collecting data from VSPs, and the quality and nature of substantive information generated from the NCVSP instrument.

"The National Survey of Victims' Views is the first-of-its-kind research on crime survivors' experiences with the criminal justice system and their preferences for safety and justice policy … The annual NCVS [National Crime Victimization Survey] report is invaluable for understanding many facets of victimization, including unreported crime. The April 2016 National Survey of Victims’ Views helps fill some of the gaps in knowledge that remain, in particular, victims’ views on safety and justice policy and the ways in which victims experience the criminal justice system."

Sections following an executive summary (which includes key findings) are: introduction and background; who crime victims are; what the impact of crime on victims is; whether the criminal justice systems is meeting the needs of victims; what the perspectives of victims are on the criminal justice system and public safety policies; what the victims' views are on the role of prosecutors; and conclusion and recommendations.

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