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Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (VPRAI)

This pretrial assessment instrument is a great resource for developing and implementing or retuning such a tool for your agency.

Can Corrections Heal? Reducing Recidivism and Increasing Public Safety in Virginia

This article explains the VADOC push towards a holistic culture change and a new corrections paradigm.

A Re-Entry Roadmap for Veterans Incarcerated in Virginia: Re-entry Manual

While designed specifically for veterans returning to the community after incarceration, this manual is a good example for other states developing or revising their own veteran re-entry manuals.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

This policy intends “to develop a written institutional plan to coordinate actions taken in response to an incident of sexual abuse, among staff first responders, medical and mental health staff, investigators, and facility leadership."

Collection of Evidence-based Practices for Children and Adolescents with Mental Health Treatment Needs: 6th Edition

This publication covers effective mental health treatments which have undergone testing in both controlled research trials and real-world settings.

State of the Science of Pretrial Release Recommendations and Supervision

Legal issues that impact pretrial release or what supervision strategies that will lead to more effective pretrial release practices.

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