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Effectively Implementing Family Engagement and Involvement Practices for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System [Webinar] (2017)

This webinar highlights strategies, tools, examples, and best-practice models from across the country that juvenile justice agency managers, staff, and other practitioners may consider adopting to effectively implement family engagement practices and promote positive outcomes for youth in the juv

Protecting Written Family Communication in Jails: A 50-State Survey

This report reviews which agencies in each state provide rules or best practices to local jails on mail and what people in jail may send or receive.

Video Visitation: How Private Companies Push for Visits by Video and Families Pay the Price

This publication explains how video visitation negatively impacts the families of inmates. A case study of Travis County, Texas is included.

Managing the Elderly in Corrections

This document discusses issues impacting the managing of senior/elderly inmates and offers suggestions on how to meet these challenges.

You've Got Mail: The Promise of Cyber Communication in Prisons and the Need for Regulation

This report is about technology offenders use to communicate with people outside a correctional facility and problems associated with such use.

The Effect of Conjugal Visitation on Sexual Violence in Prison

The impact of conjugal visitation on prison sexual assaults is investigated. States allowing these visits have a significant reduction in prison rapes.

Separation by Bars and Miles: Visitation in State Prisons

This report discusses the challenges families face visiting their loved ones in prison and ways state policymakers can reduce these hardships.

Screening Out Family Time: The For-Profit Video Visitation Industry in Prisons and Jails

This comprehensive website provides information for agencies considering using a for-profit video visitation system in their correctional facility.

Video Visiting in Corrections: Benefits, Limitations, and Implementation Considerations

The purpose of this guide is to inform the development of video visiting programs within a correctional setting.

The Impact of Family Visitation on Incarcerated Youth's Behavior and School Performance: Findings from the Families as Partners Project

This framework looks at how the lived experience of punishment differs from the punishment conceived by lawmaker.


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