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Wisconsin Department of Corrections Interactive Dashboards

This website links to interactive data dashboards from the Wisconsin DOC on Admissions, Releases, and Point-in-Time Population for Prisons.

Reaching In: A Handbook for the Families of Parents Incarcerated in Wisconsin

This handbook is designed to help the caregiver and child(ren) deal with a parents' incarceration, emphasizing communication prior to release.

A Guidebook for Incarcerated Veterans in Wisconsin|Revised [edition]

This booklet is a tool for Incarcerated Veterans and their families who may want access to support services that promote a better and new manner of living.

Wisconsin’s Mass Incarceration of African American Males: Workforce Challenges for 2013

Issues related to the ability of ex-offenders to get jobs after their release from imprisonment in Wisconsin are explored.

The Value of Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils in Wisconsin

This video explains the use of Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils (CJCCs) in Wisconsin.

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