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Women in jails

Working With Battered Women in Jail: A Manual for Community-Based Battered Women’s Advocates

This manual guides thinking about ways of being thoughtful and strategic about approaching work with jailed battered women.

Gendered Violence and Safety: A Contextual Approach to Improving Security in Women's Facilities

In response to the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA), this project investigated the context of gendered violence and safety in women’s correctional facilities.

Gender-Responsive Strategies: Research, Practice, and Guiding Principles for Women Offenders

Guidance is offered for those individuals seeking to more effectively respond to the behavior and circumstances of the female offender.

Effective Management of Female Inmates: Applying the Research on Gender Responsive Correctional Strategies to Local Jails

Research, practice, and guiding principles related to gender-responsive strategies and utilized in jail settings are exchanged.

Responding to Women Offenders: The Department of Women's Justice Services in Cook County, Illinois

<p>The development and implementation of the Cook County Sheriff's Department of Women's Justice Services (DWJS) is discussed.</p>

The Gender-Responsive Strategies Project: Jail Applications

This report reviews research about women offenders and strategies for evaluating current operating procedures related to women offenders.

Using Jail Exit Surveys to Improve Community Responses to Women Offenders

This report describes the use of jail exit surveys as an effective data collection tool for creating a picture of the characteristics of its women.

Women in Jail: Classification Issues

This document examines female jail inmate classification, and provides guidelines for designing a classification system specifically for women.

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