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Women in jails

A Review of the Jail Function Within State Unified Corrections Systems

This paper describes some of the more common methods for evaluating correctional programs, and is designed to address program effectiveness.

Evidence-Based Practice in Los Angeles County Corrections: A Top-5 List of Real-World Foes

This article explains the utilization of evidence-based practice in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's CTU.

Working With Battered Women in Jail: A Manual for Community-Based Battered Women’s Advocates

This manual guides thinking about ways of being thoughtful and strategic about approaching work with jailed battered women.

Guidelines for Developing a Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

This guide describes the implementation of a CJCC, and explains how a CJCC can alleviate jail crowding and accomplish other system improvements.

State of Recidivism: The Revolving Door of America’s Prisons

This report seeks to elevate the public discussion about recidivism, prompting policy makers and the public to dig more deeply into the factors that impact rates of return to prison, and into effective strategies for reducing them.

Chief Jail Inspectors' Network Meeting Proceedings, 2009

Proceedings are presented from the 11th annual two day Chief Jail Inspectors' Meeting.

Gendered Violence and Safety: A Contextual Approach to Improving Security in Women's Facilities

In response to the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA), this project investigated the context of gendered violence and safety in women’s correctional facilities.

Gender-Responsive Strategies: Research, Practice, and Guiding Principles for Women Offenders

Guidance is offered for those individuals seeking to more effectively respond to the behavior and circumstances of the female offender.

Environmental Scan Update - 2005

This report gives a broad overview of selected current and anticipated trends. It can used by corrections professional to inform their work.

2003 Environmental Scan Update

Changes and forces that may affect the programming of the National Institute of Corrections are analyzed and commented on.


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